Oct 3, 2012


Helloooo needies!

I took the summer off from blogging--somehow thought this was normal behavior-- but I am finally back and just as the season changed, so did the blog. Please head over to my new blog Fashion Needy Co-Op and let me know what you think of this newly established cooperative. I can't promise you it's as formal as it sounds but I can definitely promise a chuckle, or two!


Jun 13, 2012

FashionNeedy Turns One (sort of)

It's almost hard to believe that its been more than a year since I started FashionNeedy. What started out as a whim from pure boredom, immediately became a challenge and now I am happy to announce its just an extension of my life. What will come of this... time will tell but for the moment, I can't help but be grateful to everyone that supports me week after week.
Some of you might find this surprising but before FashionNeedy became what it is today, it used to be a simple little tumblr spot that only a few people followed. It was mostly me rambling about trends and style until I discovered I had followers I didn't even know of and  a knack for pretending I am participating in an America's Next Top Model season. That's only if ANTM required models to wear sunglasses in every pose. What's underneath those shades will forever be a secret, let's just pretend I want to keep one part of my life a secret (that works for me). I also discovered someone in my office had the talent of capturing stunning images and let's just say... it was the beginning of a beautiful journey. Nowadays I am struggling to find time to balance a full time job (minus the photographer), NYC life and this spot but I think this is just the first step of something marvelous to come. In the meantime, while I get my s*&t together, please enjoy some of my favorite pieces of this last year!!


Jun 9, 2012

Summer Chic

As I skimmed through all my pictures picking some of my favorite ones for an anniversary post, I came across this look that for some reason never made the cut. As the weather heats up a brunch rooftop will certainly be part of my summer adventures and when I think of outside eating and drinking, a hat like this certainly fits the bill... Don't you think?

On another note, Let's talk giveaway winner! I am amazed by the amount of people that guessed the Dolce Vita wedges as my recent purchase. Although they are absolutely stunning and number one on my summer wish list, this girl's pockets don't run so deep at the moment, hence I bought the Soda shoes via Lulu's. That by the way are unbelievably comfortable and so affordable, 100% recommended. And so, without further adieu, the winner of the $30 Gift Card is Kate Frenkel from Lifestyle Journal. Thanks for those who participated and keep checking in for more summer surprises!

Dress- Ruche, Shoes- Steve Madden, Hat- Old Navy, Necklace- F21 and BCBG, Ring- House of Harlow 1960, Bangles- Free People

May 31, 2012

Wedges and a Giveaway!!

Wedges... a summer staple and a summer statement if you pick the right one. I clearly have not stopped thinking about these. Not only are there hundreds of different styles everytime I pass a shoe store (and I have one two blocks from my house- so give or take, twice a day), but my boss seems to have a different pair for every day of the week and then some. So despite the fact I've accumuluated a couple throught the last two summers, I still have a lot of catching up to do. And this summer, I think this is a necessity-- and you know how needy I can be. So I've been tiredlessly searching for my pair of wedges and fallen in love with a few as well as purchased a couple already (I can't help mysefl) and a lesson I learned is to have in mind what you wish to achieve from these shoes in correlation to your summer wardrobe. What do I mean? What colors will you be wearing the most and how will you like to match your shoes to them. I believe a nude pair is extremely necessary. If you are bold, go for a double/triple colored wedged and if not, just go for a bold bright color that still turns some heads. And if you are like me, a person that might be spending 45 minutes walking to and from work, consider height. A comfy wedge can go a long, long way... or so I've heard (still searching for mine).

In any case, here are some great ideas that might rock your boat and, as a special treat, guess which pair I just purchased and you will be entered in a raffle to win a $30 gift card so you can get yourself your summer staple or at least quasi get yourelf one-- courtesy of me, myself and I! (Just comment with your guess and leave your email or best way to contact you. Ends Friday, June 8th)
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Soda via Lulu's 
Andre Assous via ShoeBox

Dolce Vita via Saks

Chinese Laundry via Macy's