Nov 8, 2011

Black & White

As classic as Black&White can be, it really isn't something I used to be a fan of. Probably because I've been forever scarred with my traumatizing experience working at Club Monaco and wearing that ugly black and white "uniform" daily. Let me just break it down for you... my experience as a sales associate in that store was as successful as the store itself (if you know what I mean).
I also used to think that those who opted for a black and white look were seen as boring and you must know by now that there is no way I will place myself in the "boring" category. Now, before I offend anyone, let me just clarify that when I mean boring, I mean someone who plays it safe. There is nothing wrong with a white button-up blouse and some black trousers, but there isn't really anything great about it either, right? In any case, just as the seasons change, so do my feelings towards black&white ensembles. However, if you opt for a black and white look, make sure you take a risk. Either mix textures and silhouettes to make it pop or choose an eye-stopping accessory (like my leopard oversize clutch below) that gives the outfit the life it craves. Just don't be scared... As the wise Jim Rohn once said "If you are not willing to risk the unusual, you will have to settle for the ordinary," and why would you want that :)

Top- Zara
Pants- H&M (last year)
Shoes- DKNY
Clutch- ASOS
Jewelery- Vintage Chanel Earrings, House of Harlow 1960 & BCBG rings, F21 bracelets
Sunglasses- BCBG

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  1. Can I please steal all of your fantastic clutches?



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