Nov 22, 2011

Fashion Needy gets a meaning

This weekend, my friend and her sister–who, upon request, shall remain nameless (but lets just say they are Asian and Panamanian... at the same time)– posed an interesting question: What is Fashion Needy? I was surprised I hadn't really pondered on this question before (especially considering I am the first one to psychoanalyze every situation), so as hundreds of thoughts ran through my head I really had no straight answer to give them. That's when I realized I hadn't really given my blog the meaning it deserves, besides the fact that it is mostly about Fashion topics and whatever rambling I wish to go on that day. But I am not one to leave a question unanswered so after some days of hardcore thinking and brainstorming (or well, after a very boring 4 hour bus ride from NYC to DC) I have come up with a few definitions to what Fashion Needy stands for... bare with me:

Fashion Needy
1) adj. (of a person) that is in desperate need of fashionable apparel and accesories and will go to any extent to get them: When the H&M-Versace collaboration debuted, crowds of Fashion needy people waited on long lines just to get a piece of it. 

2)  adj. (a person) characterized by requiring constant guidance to keep up with the latest trends and put together his or her outfit: Whenever Samantha gets ready, she becomes a Fashion needy, asking her friends what goes best with what. 

3) neg adj. (of a person or situation) that is in desperate need of some Fashion guidance: The lady in the front desk wore a pencil skirt with a pair of sneakers that gave me the impression she is Fashion needy.

So there you go! Good stuff ha?  The best part is that with 3 different definitions at hand, I am sure you will be able to pull the Fashion Needy card on someone one day. If it is definition number 3, please contact me, I will be happy to help that Fashion Needy person!

Oh and in the spirit of finally defining my blog, here's 'high-low' skirt I was in desperate need of and finally found. Tootles!

Top- H&M (old), Skirt- Brandy Melville, Shoes- Tinley Road, Handbag- Cambridge Satchel, Sunglasses- MK, Watch- MK, Jewelry- Zara, F21, Vintage

PS- If you are in NYC or around the area, make sure to check out BrandyMelville, amazing prices, eveyrhting is one-size-fits-all and the clothes is just perfect. A very boho-chic/hipster feel to it


  1. yo amo este look. hoy vi una chica (del master de fashion) que tenia una falda negra igual, con tights, botas biker bajitas, y un sueter chunky con leather jacket. MORTAL. :)

  2. i like this outfit! thanks for visiting out blog!:D - ♥WTYT


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