Nov 28, 2011

All Black Everything

I think the story of my Black Friday shopping deserves an all black outfit, right? Shopping at midnight sounded like good stuff. Considering my usual sleeping time is 2 am, I saw no problem in heading to the mall, shopping for a couple of hours, and then heading back home to get my "beauty" sleep. Boy was I wrong... ETA: 4:30 am (FUN!). Let me just say that I am still paying for that, my entire body is congested and sick and I am starting to think this might be a sign from the universe to get me to stop with the shopping. But then again, I sacrificed for bargains... isn't that a step in the right direction, not to mention something a fashion needy person would do? (my mom would probably send someone to bring me back to Panama if she heard me say that :P)
Any whooooo... I managed to snatch some great deals, like these lovely high-heel loafers I am wearing today and some black boots I've been desperately seeking. The online shopping from my bed the next afternoon was pretty successful as well (but let's not spoil the surprise). And to finalize the day, I went on my first consignment shopping spree which was another roaring trip. The only thing that wasn't so happy that day, besides my entire body, was probably my wallet. Actually, I am starting to think that the term "Black Friday" comes from people wearing all black, mourning over their empty accounts as the stores supposedly go from red to black in theirs wah, wah, wah.....

top- Vintage Harari (purchased at consignment shop)
pants- Talbots
Shoes- Alfani
Hat- Old Navy (similar here)
Necklace- BCBG
Rings- BCBG (similar here), PerĂº


  1. Love this whole outfit! Loving the shoes the most.... it is funny because I was just trying the same pair of shoes on the other day, now I want them! Beautiful!

  2. What a gorgeous look and sounds like you had a super eventful shopping weekend. I passed on black friday this year but I can totally relate to the consignment shop blowout. You have a great blog. Following you!

  3. Amo este fashion, es uno de mis favoritos!!!!


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