Nov 29, 2011

Santa baby, here's a heads up!

I think the saddest day for any child is when he or she realizes that there actually isn't a chubby old guy in a red suit that drops off all the gifts they want on Christmas Eve. Since I wasn't a normal child, I was actually so proud of myself when I found out he didn't exist. It was as if this was one of the first steps one must complete in order to be accepted as a young adult. For some reason, adulthood was like this fancy sorority one had to pledge for before being initiated... silly me! If only I knew how much "fancy" growing up really is. I also think Christmas present lost a lot of appeal after my relatives and friends started combining my birthday gifts with my Christmas gift because they fall close to the same date. "Kill two birds with one stone" they say... I say, don't kill any birds, just give me two presents, on the two different dates.
But I am not one to lose hope (at least not in the Christmas part, the birthday aspect, I am giving up). And now with this blog, I am hoping the version of Santa for grown ups (a.k.a: Dad, Mom, Uncles, Aunts, Boyfriends, brother's etc) read my wish list and make the effort to put some yummy presents under the tree on Christmas Eve... or "surprise" me the next day, either or, I'll take it. So friends, family, relatives... let me introduce to you my 2011 Christmas Wish List, have some fun with it (I beg you)!

1- David Yurman 5 MM cable bracelet
2- YSL Arty ring
3- A leather strap watch (rectangular case) like this Michael Kors
4- Rachel Roy Cliff boot or a high heel beige or similar color boot
5- A shoulder bag with a short handle like this J.Crew version
6- A classic off-white coat like this Zara version
7- Nude ballet flats like this J.Crew version


  1. Thanks for stopping by Wrinkled Chiffon, Leslie! Love your patent leather shoes in your earlier are right, they are just like mine! Super cute! Look forward to following each other.

    - Grace

  2. Hi Leslie...following you now on Bloglovin. Would love if you would follow back? Thanks! xo Grace


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