Nov 16, 2011


I am a woman of many layers... I am a borderline shopaholic and fashion junkie, a sports connosiuer, a Britney Spears lover, a quasi social media pro and my latest venture, Panamanian government worker at the Consulate. It was sort of expected considering the city I live in and although I am not really a political person, I truly believe that if you can't beat 'em, then you might as well join 'em. So there you go, another random layer of my life. The only issue is that my closet is not political at all so you can imagine that everyday is an adventure when I get to work in outfits my bosses sometimes have trouble figuring out. I have come to the conclusion that by the end of this year, the nice people I work with will be not so nice and kick me to the curb... Either because of my choice of attire or the fact that I have decided to utilize the Embassy grounds as my personal photography studio. Not to mention the fact that I am constantly harassing someone to take pictures of me. This would be the least of my worries if I was blessed with the ability of posing for a camera in a models-que type of fashion, but I don't. So instead, what could be a quick extracurricular activity takes about 30 mins, with 15 minutes of how-should-I-put-my-arm sort of comments until the person just gives up, starts snapping pictures and something good comes up. It's an excruciating ordeal for me, and  the "photographer" of the day, but at least I manage to pull it off before the break time is over and then it's back to the phones.
Anyway, if I do get kicked out at least it would be for a worthy cause... right?

An Oversized Sweater and a Shirt dress (plus my newest pride and joy)

Shirt dress- Zara, Sweater- Zara, Shoes- Old Navy, Necklace- H&M, Ring- House of Harlow, Watch-MK, Bag- Mulberry

In case it is not obvious... I offered a poor performance in this shoot. In my defense, the photographer of choice was a bit more pro than I expected and as soon as he realized I did not have the model gene, it just went down hill from there.

Here is someone that apparently has the model gene (If only I could get her to wear my clothes and pose...)

One of the bosses... who delivers exceptional costumer service to all the clients (... and this is me sucking up of course). The other one prohibited me to upload a picture, but I'll catch her one day... one day...

And just for you all to see how seriously I take my job:

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