Nov 10, 2011

A Theory & "Cool" Shoes

I have a theory– and please bare with me because most of my theories are a bit out of whack–I have a theory that DC hates me. Now, before you get to thinking that I am going to go on yet another ranting about how much I hate the cold weather, I am not. This has more to do with the fact that every single time I leave the city limits for a week or more, I come back to a gloomy, cold, rainy weather that actually makes me think someone up there is crying due to my return. I know it might be a bit egotistical of me to think that I can have such a grandiose effect on the weather factor, but you never know. I find it very ironic that the weather in my previous destination– Miami– was as magical as you imagine it to be when you think of everything Miami stands for. So maybe this could be a sign for me to spread my wings and fly south once and for all. But then again... where would I put all my scarves and faux-fur??

On another note, please take a look at my recent acquirement– Penny Loafers with a tassel. I can tell you that the boyfriend is not too happy but the poor guy will just have to deal with it because I love 'em. Also, they are the perfect go-to shoe for days like this when the situation just begs for you to dress down but keep your "cool.

Blazer- A'gaci
Top- F21
Pants- H&M (last season)
Shoes- ALDO
Jewelry- BCBG necklace, Kenneth Jay Lane ring, H&M and vintage bracelets
Sunglasses- BCBG


  1. love the colored pants! it actually looks beautiful in DC.

    thanks for your sweet comment, lady!




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