Dec 6, 2011

Rain on my parade


I am starting to think that everyone by now might assume that I must have packed my bags and left to London in search of fame and fortune. I can assure you that despite the gloomy and rainy weather that is typically part of my posts, I am still very much settled in DC. I have never seen this much incessant rain in my life in such short period of time, and please note that I am from a tropical country that consists of two seasons: rainy and sunny. I know I shouldn't be complaining too much because the alternative (aka snow) would definitely ruin my mood.
But today, it literally rained on my parade. I had spent a good 25 minutes last night planning how to wear these gorgeous leather gloves I got for a steal at Filene's (which in case you didn't know it, they are closing down so if you have one nearby, make sure to head over). Not to mention, I spent another 20 doing my hair, therefore a whole hour had been sort of invested in this outfit. So when the frizz-fest going on outside ruined the look you can imagine my "fascination." I am not one to let the rain get in the way of my plans, coming from a tropical country and all, but let's just say, the result of today's post could have been ten times better. So if you digg it, imagine how much you would digg it then. In any case, hope you enjoy it and if any of you DC natives is doing some sort of rain dance, you can stop now... We've had enough!!!!!

Top- Love by Design similar here and here
Skirt- F21 (old) similar here
Shoes- Alfani similar here
Gloves- Gianfranco FERRE similar here

(Apologies on the cloudy lens, the wet poncho and P.O.'d face)


  1. Loving the last picture the most! I love the skirt and pumps, it is beautiful. Very Classic! Keep it coming.... I am addicted NOW!!! Thanks alot!

  2. claseee muy a lo audrey hepburn

  3. stunning poncho! love the knitter-wear!

    great blog-now following you,

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  4. I'm so glad the rainy weather didn't stop you and I totally understand all your prep for the day, hair and your leather gloves. You look so pretty and I love the grey cape and the red purse. Perfect! You have great legs too, nice pics.


  5. Lovely poncho. Great color.

  6. Oh, my! Love this look! And totally loving your blog.

    Ask the Duplex

  7. You look great! Love that warm looking shawl :) and you got legs to kill haha

  8. I know how you feel! I lived in DC for a while and almost died from the lack of warmth! Good luck surviving! :) At least you look adorable!

  9. very nice color of the bag...the leather gloves make you look amazing!!

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  10. Despite the rain, I LOVE this look. The satchel and top are gorgeous. And I am so incredibly sad that Filene's is closing but have found some incredible steals as a result.

  11. Great outfit! You look fabulous! I think you conquered your weather.


  12. Hi Leslie! First of all, thank you for your kind comment on my blog. I'm just starting out, but it feels really good to have this kind support!

    I really loved this outfit, specially the handbag. I have a recent post with an envelope clutch of that exact same colour!

    You look lovely and I simply adore your eclectic style :)

    I'll add you to my blogroll, hope you follow me too!


  13. thanks so much darling, im following you back too :)
    your knit cape is adorable, you look beautiful!

  14. LOVEEEEEEEE this look !!!! you look just like a diva !! beautiful ! =D

  15. I am in love with your bag, its super adorable.


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