Dec 5, 2011

Tis the season..

...To wear as much glitter and sequins as you desire without being judged by not so jolly passers-by nor being confused by a middle-aged teenager. Whether you wish to have one statement piece or go all out, shoes are always the perfect place to start. And since this is also the season of gift-giving, let me share with you my favorite glittered pieces so you can have an option these holidays. There's just about everything for everyone!

TOPSHOP Loving the chunky-heel trend and talk about standing out with a glittered heel! Fancy options for those who prefer classy shoes

Lulu's - First option is a more moderate take but you can still go along the with the Holiday theme
             Second option, super affordable: $38 (and with something you might not use often, it's perfect

 ShopAkira - For the comfort seeker and glitter-obsessed


  1. love the pink pair ! but for winter maybe only shine in parties, cuz it is so cold to show your toes;) but they are a DO for me! love it!

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  2. I couldn't agree more. I'm in love with those silver top shop heels and have debated purchasing them for a while now. It might be time!

  3. the second sandals are grgeous, burgundy and gold, perfect combination!
    im loving your blog, your photos are amazing sweetie :)
    would you like us to follow each other?


  4. Ohhh, seriously love both pairs of shoes from Topshop! They are gorgeous. xx


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